Flare Inspection

Jaspro offers a state of the art, drone-based inspection for a complete evaluation of elevated and ground-based flare systems. Drones allow us to see places that until recently were hard and hazardous to reach. Our drone technology allows us to safely inspect any facility’s Elevated and Ground level equipment such as:

• Flare Tips
• Pilots
• Flare Risers
• Elevated Structural Components, piping, conduits, manifolds
• Aircraft Warning Lights
• Liquid Seal
• Flare Header
• Knockout Drum
• Pilot Ignition System
• Steam System
• Structural Supports

Drone Inspection

Boiler MACT

Provide an array of services for Boiler MACT compliance projects. Since Jaspro is a full service, technology neutral provider, Jaspro brings an unbiased approach to arriving at the lowest cost and highest value solution to comply with new Boiler MACT compliance regulations.

Heater Studies and Revamps

Provides the following types of Heater studies:

• Fired Heater or Reformer Process and Mechanical Studies
• Debottlenecking or Performance Evaluations
• Capacity Increases
• Efficiency Improvement
• Feasibility Studies
• Vibration Studies


Burner Health Surveys

Provide detailed Process Burner health surveys comprising of the following typical areas of concern as they relate to Process Burners:

• Fouled Fuel Gas Ports inspection
• Improper Fuel Gas Port inspection
• Poor Fuel Air Mixing
• Improper Register Adjustment
• Low Available Draft
• High Fuel Pressure
• Quality of Fuel Gas
• Irregular Flame Patterns
• Flame Impingement
• Pilot Condition
• Tile Condition
• Primary Fuel Tip Condition
• Staged Fuel Tip Condition
• Pulsating Flames
• Overheating in the Convection Section